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LexField recently helped Solvay successfully enforce a polymer patent before Guangzhou IP Court

DATE:2022-08-24      FROM:LexField

Lily  Zhang

Our attorneys Hongyi Jiang, Lily Zhang, and Terry Lu, representing Solvay, a global leader in materials, chemicals and solutions, in a civil patent infringement proceeding, obtained a favorable first instance decision including a permanent injunction against a local competitor and its distributor from the Guangzhou IP Court.

The patent-in-suit covers a polymer PVDF product that is used as a binder in the lithium battery, as well as the related process. Working closely with Solvay’s legal and technical experts, the LexField team presented strong arguments and evidence showing that the accused infringing product has the same chemical structure as defined in the claims of the patent-in-suit. Among them, our attorneys prepared accurate claim constructions of the claims including a crucial technical term at dispute, and ultimately proved that the accused process also fell into the scope of the patent-in-suit.

The Guangzhou IP Court recently ruled in favor of our client finding that the defendants infringed the patent-in-suit and ordered the defendants to cease their infringing acts and pay damages accordingly. This favorable decision represents another example of the Chinese judiciary’s great efforts in IP protection and will prove to be a significant milestone in maintaining fair competition in the related markets. It also further strengthened our client’s confidence in enforcing its IP in China.  The case is now in the appellant process before the Supreme Court.


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