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IP Litigation

Most of members of LexField's litigation team entered the arena of intellectual property litigation in 1995 and has represented clients in hundreds of cases involving patent infringement litigation, patent invalidity lawsuits, trademark infringement litigation, revocation of trademark administrative proceedings, copyright infringement litigation, unfair competition litigation and more. Many of the cases we have handled have had widespread impact in China, setting new standards in intellectual property law and establishing LexField as the leader in intellectual property litigation.

When you have LexField in your corner, you have considerable advantages -- among them:

  •  Mr. Hongyi Jiang, our partner in charge of litigation, worked in the former Office of IPR Working Conference under the State Council for many years and has been directly involved in the promulgation of China's policy on intellectual property rights and related legislation.  His knowledge of China's legislative and judicial policy in the intellectual property area is vast – and key to the LexField litigation team's victory in more than a dozen IPR retrial cases before the Supreme Court in recent years.  Moreover, LexField's perspectives in several IPR cases have been written into the Supreme People's views, setting new benchmarks for intellectual property trial.  LexField also has the most winning record in terms of IPR retrials heard before the Supreme Court.
  •  LexField attorneys have 15-plus years of experience in intellectual property litigation representing a variety of intellectual property cases across numerous jurisdictions. We are familiar with the different features of a wide range of courts, which is critically important in choosing the most advantageous jurisdiction for a specific case.
  •  Our litigation team has a record of success in developing effective ways to reconcile the technical factors of a case with its legal elements and communicating those technical factors so judges will understand them clearly. Whether an issue revolves around mechanical, electronic, chemical or some other technology, we know how to cut through the clutter of technical barriers and present arguments in a clear, straightforward manner that eliminates confusion. This is a quality judges appreciate.  Even in esoteric pharmaceutical cases, we have achieved preeminence, becoming one of the teams whice have handled the most cases and won the most cases .
  •  LexField's litigation team has represented plaintiffs as well as defendants. This gives our clients a considerable advantage in terms of our ability to develop strategies that effectively attack and undermine our clients' opponents. 
  •  With our approach, the team leader -- usually the most experienced partner -- handles the critical stages of each case personally. This includes research and evidence selection, developing an action plan and drafting significant court documents. Our approach enables the lawyer in charge to draw more completely from his or her own experience during these stages, which in turn better protects the client's interests.
To learn more about LexField's experience in intellectual property litigation, visit the News and Cases columns on our website. Both columns publish information and decisions for our winning IPR cases since July 2009.



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